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Tailored Marketing Packages for Every Growth Stage


Ideal for early-stage startups eager to lay their marketing foundation.
$42 / Story Point
  • Tailored for emerging startups, this package supports foundational marketing needs, from content creation to social media management, ensuring your venture gains the digital credibility & visibility it deserves.
  • Applicable pricing if you spend 0-24 story points: $42 per point
  • 4x15 minute advisory/catchup call & Shared Account Manager Included


Perfect for scaleups ready to expand their market presence and digital exposure.
$40 / Story Point
$13.670 / yearly
  • Designed for businesses experiencing growth, this package boosts your marketing with more comprehensive services, including SEO, advanced content strategies, and enhanced social media presence.
  • Applicable pricing if you spend 25-36 story points: $40 per point
  • 4x30 minute advisory/catchup call & Shared Account Manager Included


Geared towards growing businesses aiming for market penetration.
$37 / Story Point
$14.800 / yearly
  • This package is perfect for companies looking to scale their marketing efforts extensively. It covers a wide range of services from detailed SEO audits to full-scale event management, ensuring your brand's growth.
  • Applicable pricing if you spend 37-52 story points: $37 per point
  • 4x30 minute advisory/catchup call & Shared Account Manager Included


Designed for large enterprises seeking comprehensive marketing support.
$34 / Story Point
$14.800 / yearly
  • For large or rapidly expanding enterprises, this package offers the most extensive array of marketing services, including priority support and customized marketing strategies tailored to your business's unique needs.
  • Applicable pricing if you spend 52+ story points: $34 per point
  • 6x30 minute advisory/catchup call & Dedicated Account Manager Included
Frequently asked questions

Your Queries, Addressed.

At MWJ, we recognize that our unique credit-based MaaS model and service offerings might prompt some questions. We’ve collated the most common inquiries for you.

Story Points are a reflection of the production value of our services. With our a la carte menu, each service has a credit equivalent. Every month, or sprint as we like to call it, we collaborate with you to decide on the services best suited for your needs. One sprint might focus on blog production, while another could be about managing your event sponsorship from start to finish.

There are multiple reasons to consider us as your marketing partner. Firstly, we have a profound understanding of the B2B landscape. Secondly, we're adept at navigating the intricacies of the tech/software industry. Thirdly, we are a passionate group of marketing enthusiasts committed to delivering top-tier service. Lastly, collaborating with MWJ proves more cost-efficient than hiring an internal marketing team.

We understand that marketing needs can be diverse, and there might be specific tasks you require that aren't directly listed in our menu. In such cases, we can discuss your needs, agree on a credit allocation, and work on that particular task. However, we are candid about our areas of expertise and will only undertake tasks we're confident about delivering on.

Certainly! To view our a la carte menu, kindly fill out the provided form, and we'll make sure to get it to you.

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