Digital marketing can no longer be viewed as an additional extra. It is an intrinsic part of any successful modern business. This is particularly the case for technology companies who need to be at the cutting edge of the latest trends and developments in order to thrive in a competitive field. 

Digital marketing agencies help businesses by creating comprehensive online strategies and optimizing their digital presence in a number of ways. A few fast-moving areas you might need expert guidance on include:

  • Email Automation: Honing your e-mail marketing strategy and delivering on it requires expertise in the area of automation. 
  • Social Media Management: Social platforms are frequently refining feed algorithms and adding new advertising features. Digital marketing agencies can help you increase brand awareness and social traffic by ensuring your messages grab the attention in a crowded sphere.
  • Content Marketing: Best practices change as users familiarise themselves with new devices. Understanding new formats and how they can be used to best engage other businesses, thought leaders and customers is a challenge that digital marketing agencies can help you master. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engines frequently change their algorithms, making optimization a challenge for those lacking the requisite expertise. 

All companies can benefit from using a digital marketing agency

It’s important to remember that digital marketing agencies aren’t just required by companies that need to completely outsource their digital marketing. They can be a great asset for organisations that are looking to augment their in-house team. No matter what the reason is, the digital landscape is in such a constant state of flux that you’ll need to partner with an agency that will keep you ahead of the curve.  

During this blog post, we’ll talk you through how and why working with a digital marketing agency that provides quality services based on experience and expertise, such as MWJ, is the right decision for your business. 

5 key reasons why hiring a digital marketing agency can boost your business

1. Cost-effective 

The cost of hiring an in-house marketing team is substantial. You need experienced people who can manage, interrogate, report, write, research, and analyse your marketing strategy. A qualified digital marketing agency has all of these specialisms and more for a fraction of the cost of sourcing a reputable in-house team.

What’s more, Contensy and other agencies regularly use tools and programmes that most business professionals are unfamiliar with. Agencies know how to harness these tools and platforms to take their work to the next level and improve outcomes for your business. These tools, like analytics platforms, can often be expensive so by using an agency you save on having to purchase them yourself. 

2. Improve agility 

By using an agency you can outsource work to experts, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Freeing up your time to focus on your core business will help you run your business more efficiently, safe in the knowledge your marketing is in the hands of experts.

Secondly, an agency has the relevant professionals to navigate the latest trends, rule-changes, advertising formats, and algorithm shifts. Trying to hire the relevant people is a lengthy process that can take upwards of three months, and there’s always the risk that as the digital environment shifts, their skills become redundant. That’s why using an agency that has a great staff with knowledge of the changing landscape of digital marketing will give your business the agility it needs. 

3. Expert opinion, insight & analysis 

Digital marketing agencies can examine your current strategy, find and analyse the flaws within it, and come up with ways to improve it. This is particularly the case when working with clients in the technology sector. Maybe your ads are on the right platforms but not reaching the relevant audiences. Or maybe your search engine optimization is getting lots of leads, but they are failing to convert. It can be difficult for an untrained eye to diagnose the problems. But experts will have experience of rooting out the issues and suggesting options for remedying them. Moreover, agencies will set measurable goals using key performance indicators so your marketing strategy can be clearly measured and improved. In so doing, the agency gives your business transparency and clarity when it comes to its performance.

4. Bringing fresh ideas to the table 

An outside agency will not have the same perceptions and ties to your business that you do. Because they see your company from a different perspective, they might spot a problem you’ve missed. If you’re a technology firm, you might benefit from working with an agency that has experience working with similar companies, but also different sectors, such as financial services. Agencies can use their experience with these different businesses to improve your website or campaign’s performance. 

Secondly, a digital marketing agency will stay abreast of market trends no matter what business or sector you fall into. This means they will come armed with plenty of ideas that are informed by audience behaviors from across a range of sectors. 

5. Monitoring and measurable results 

Because of their different areas of expertise and specialisation in digital marketing, a digital marketing agency will provide you with analytics and reports that give you a tangible measure of the results you are getting through their services. They can also guide you through the complexities of measurement by assigning accurate, tangible values to any campaign to prove the effectiveness of the approach.

High-quality digital agencies will put in the effort to ensure their clients are satisfied. At MWJ, we treat our clients’ success as a reflection of our company. Across the board, digital agencies do not stop working after they complete a campaign. Instead, they continually test, learn, iterate and improve their work to ensure they’re delivering to the best of their abilities. 

Some useful trends in digital marketing for B2B companies in 2021

1. Chatbots and conversational marketing

Given the lack of social contact we’ve all had over the last 18 months, chatbots and other conversational marketing tools will be essential for anyone operating in the B2B space. People are looking for human interaction that provides instant responses to issues they’re facing. Companies can’t afford to wait for weeks to get responses to their requests. They need answers quickly at any time – which only chatbots can provide. These tools can be the kickstart to a sale whilst also providing accessible support to your customers so don’t overlook them. 

2. Data-driven content

B2B content strategy is evolving fast, and we’re seeing data-driven content growing in importance. Content creators have a great deal of data at their disposal, which means they can see in real time whether their content is engaging potential leads. By being able to measure what content is driving reach, B2B content creators are constantly honing their output according to reliable information. This ensures they are always zeroing in on their target audience and providing useful, accessible, and attention-grabbing material.

3. Paying attention to back-end SEO 

Search Engine Optimisation is so much more than using keywords on a web page and having a website with well-functioning navigation. In 2021, good optimisation requires businesses to pay detailed attention to the technical, back-end elements of their site. The technical, back-end components of your website allow bots to better understand and index your website. In turn, these bots help search engines understand the intentions of your website, and its businesses priorities and purpose. So, having good back-end optimization is key to getting your website in front of your target audience. 

Useful questions to ask an agency you’re looking to work with

As with any big business decision, it’s important to make sure you’ve done your research and to get assurances from your chosen digital marketing agency that they will deliver on your business aims. 

Here are a few useful questions to ask an agency you might be approaching:

  1. What KPIs do they measure? 
  2. Do they have experience?
  3. How do they handle reporting?
  4. What ROI can you expect? 
  5. Do they have a client portfolio and success stories? 
  6. Do they outsource? 
  7. What is their specialism? 

Summing up

With digital teams increasingly expected to deal with anything from automation to performance marketing, it makes sense to work with a digital marketing agency that has both an aptitude for learning and that is prepared to tackle the breadth of what digital can throw at it. Contensy staff are experienced experts who can help you navigate the challenges associated with a shifting digital environment and give you a fresh perspective on your business aims, and how to meet them by drawing up a bespoke marketing plan within your budget. 

MWJ will work tirelessly to ensure your products, services and ideas find relevant audiences amongst consumers and businesses alike. Contact MWJ today so we can discuss ways to help your company level up its digital presence and improve your bottom line.

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