Automation of any nature is a powerful tool but digital marketing automation software is an opportunity that businesses cannot afford to miss in today’s digitally centric world. Historically, marketing automation was a very expensive element of marketing that few companies could afford to invest in but through advanced technology solutions, it is a feasible option for every business to use.

What is marketing automation?

The most commonly used type of marketing automation is seen on email campaigns, chatbots and content creation tools. The capabilities of marketing automation are limitless, with developments being made all of the time. Automating tasks saves huge amounts of time but it can also help to deliver a more consistent experience across multiple channels.

A quick Google search for marketing automation tools will bring back more results than you could ever have the time to explore but you should spend some time finding out what solutions are most effective in your industry. From leads generated by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, to creating more personalised communications to customers, marketing automation is one of the best strategies for getting a better return on investment.

Investing in marketing automation also leads to increased productivity, allowing a marketing team to concentrate on other tasks that need doing, or exploring new marketing opportunities whilst the time-consuming jobs are taken care of automatically. The marketing team will have time to be more creative and feel energised and empowered by having some of the more mundane, repetitive tasks taken away from them.


Chatbots are a type of automation tool that can take care of some of the basic questions that a potential customer want to ask before they purchase a product or hire your service. A chatbot is basically able to simulate a human conversation, based on a computer program. As AI and machine learning is becoming more sophisticated, so too is the capabilities and quality of chatbots.

So, whilst some early chatbots only served to annoy customers when they couldn’t provide the answers they needed, there has been a lot of progress since then. With chatbots able to field many of the most questions, this frees up the time it would take for an employee to have a telephone conversation or respond to an email to answer that question. If you are getting 100+ enquiries each week, that stacks up to a lot of time saved.

Email marketing

With email marketing, there are lots of time-consuming tasks that can be completed quickly and easily through automation software. For example, if someone signs up to receive a newsletter on your website, the contact will be added to your email list and when it comes to sending the newsletter out, it will go out to them. There are numerous different workflows that you can set up within email marketing automation software that will improve your email marketing strategy. If you have not yet explored the full possibilities of what marketing automation can do for your business, give us a call, so we can talk through some suitable options.

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