Winning new business is no easy task in the B2B world. Competition is high in every market and there are so many alternatives for potential clients to choose from. Not to mention the B2B buyer’s journey gets more complex every day.

That’s why finding ways to make your products and services stand out is no longer optional– it’s essential. If you want to thrive, you need to find the shortcuts that actually help you reach your target audience and get on top of those journeys.

Gone are the days when simply talking up your company would result in new clients.

Take a look at the most successful companies in the B2B sector. How do they market themselves? The smart ones let their clients speak for them.

Creating and Publishing Powerful Case Studies is a Great Way to Showcase Your Talents with Real Examples of Your Work.

  • Not your product
  • Not your solution
  • Not your helpful blog
  • Not your fancy website

Of course, these are necessary components of your marketing toolbox. But it’s your “case study” that will help you best demonstrate your ability to deliver on your promises.

A case study is not just you explaining to potential clients what you do and how well you do it. It’s existing or previous customer showing them; talking about how you helped them get somewhere, achieve something or solve a problem they were facing.

Is there a better way to showcase your talents?

It’s not mere promises. It’s demonstrable results from real jobs.
Think of a potential customer reading the case study and thinking. “These people had similar issues to what I’m facing. They chose this company and they got results. I’ll give it a shot.”

So, you understand the value of a case study. But how do you create one?
Here’s a quick guide to a successful case study.

First of all, don’t think of a case study as a long, tedious report. It might be 2-3 pages; it might be even shorter than that. The important thing is to stick to what’s relevant and don’t pad it out with waffle.

You could even produce case study videos in which you get your client in front of the camera to tell their story.

Infographics are also a fun way to show the most important parts of the success story using a nice visual. And let’s not forget about podcasts. How about interviewing your customer? You could produce a podcast where you chat about the project, and even write a summary of it to publish on your website.

The possibilities are almost endless.

It doesn’t matter which format you choose. The important thing is to put your customer in the spotlight.

How do I use case studies to generate leads?
Right, let’s assume you’ve created a case study that rocks. Now what do you do with it?

  • You get it out there.
  • Your case study is your “Holy Grail”.
  • Use it. Make the most of it.

Just shoot for the moon. Think of any and all the ways you can use it which make sense for your business and speak to your customers.

You should definitely publish it on your website. You could consider just posting an excerpt to use as gated content. This way you can ask visitors to give you their email address in order to download and play, listen to or read the whole story.

You could create 30 seconds videos to use as a promo. You might want to create testimonial posts to publish on your social media channels. You could even create press releases or publish it on a third-party site which is well-established and respected in your industry.

Did we mention newsletters? You can also include your case study in promotional emails.

Think how potential clients are most likely to consume your case study. Try different methods. The important thing is that you use it to generate leads.

At Contensy , We Create Case Studies That Become Your Superpower

We understand B2B markets. And we know how important it is to showcase your B2B company’s capabilities and value through case studies. If you’re looking to grow or expand your business, case studies should be one of your key marketing activities. We have seen tremendous results with many of our customers when they’ve let their customers do the talking. And these case studies helped them achieve significant expansion.

But we also know that creating great case studies which engage your audience and don’t include fluff, is not easy. That’s why we offer our expertise to produce case studies that become your superpower.

We empower you to show your potential and existing customers that you rocked. Again.
We do this through the power of storytelling.

  • By showing what is unique and different about your offering from your customer’s point of view.
  • By focusing on your client’s success.

If you’re ready to rock, we’re ready to take your call. Let’s talk today.

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