Tech-savvy Appeal: Crafting Content for Engaged Audience

Interacting with tech-savvy audience and capturing their interest goes beyond just content creation; it involves implementing specific strategies. These strategies include adopting a data-driven approach, referencing reliable sources, using expert jargon accurately, participating in technology communities, and aligning with common language and platforms. Adopting a Data-Driven Approach It is essential for providing content that meets […]

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Content Marketing Glossary: Top 25 Things You Should Know

In content marketing, where the landscape is constantly changing, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest terminology and concepts. Whether you’re a seasoned content maestro or embarking on your marketing odyssey, unlock a treasure trove of knowledge with MWJ’s Content Marketing Glossary. Dive into the definitive guide, unraveling the 25 essential terms that […]

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Before You Dive Into Performance Marketing: Are Your Fundamentals in Place?

In today’s competitive business landscape, the clamor for lead generation is deafening. Every software company, every B2B tech enterprise, is on the hunt for new sales and expansion opportunities. But is it as simple as just seeking out a performance marketing agency? The Misconception: Why Marketing Isn’t As Simple As It Seems If marketing were […]

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Why Free Opt-in Email Lists Aren’t Always the Best Choice

opt-in email lists

In the age of digital marketing, the allure of free opt-in email lists is undeniable. Many businesses, eager to tap into the vast potential of email marketing, are often tempted by the promise of vast numbers without a price tag. However, like most things in life, if it seems too good to be true, it […]

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Why Your Company News Deserves More than Just a Social Media Post: The Power of Landing Pages

Introduction In the digital age, sharing company news and updates has become a critical aspect of business growth and brand awareness. Most businesses lean heavily on social media platforms to share exciting developments like event sponsorships, new client wins, new office openings, and product updates. Social media indeed offers quick and convenient dissemination of news, […]

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What You Need to Know About Marketing Localisation?

These days there is nothing to stop you expanding your brand globally if you see a market for it in other parts of the world. Websites are accessible from anywhere in the world, online payments mean there need be no delay in completing transactions, and the international shipping market is booming. But all too often, […]

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Optimise Old Content for SEO

The key to SEO is understanding what Google wants. And the key to understanding what Google wants is knowing the search intention of users. As with all aspects of your website, when it comes to your content, you should review it regularly as part of your SEO audit – at least once a quarter is […]

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Why Do I Need a Blog on My Website?

The modern consumer does everything online—from shopping to doctor consultations to finding solutions to their current problems. While having a website helps you reach your digital customer by giving online visibility, it doesn’t guarantee that your customers will choose you over your competitors. In fact, with over 1.8 billion websites today, they might never find […]

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What Are the B2B Marketing Trends for 2022?

Most B2B organizations dedicate only 5% of their overall company budget to marketing. As more marketing trends emerge in 2022, your business will need to know what they are. You also need to understand these trends before making them a part of your current marketing strategy. Below we’ve created a marketing guide to fill you […]

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How to Make Case Studies Your B2B Superpower!

Winning new business is no easy task in the B2B world. Competition is high in every market and there are so many alternatives for potential clients to choose from. Not to mention the B2B buyer’s journey gets more complex every day. That’s why finding ways to make your products and services stand out is no […]

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