Google Introduces New Consent Setting: How Will It Affect Your Website?

Key Take Aways A month ago, Google introduced a new consent setting for users and owners to meet EU requirements. This launch targeted advertisers who collect data to personalize ads. Many were surprised by Google’s “verify consent settings” message. What does it mean for websites? Google Consent Mode: Advanced vs. Basic To understand the new […]

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Tech-savvy Appeal: Crafting Content for Engaged Audience

Interacting with tech-savvy audience and capturing their interest goes beyond just content creation; it involves implementing specific strategies. These strategies include adopting a data-driven approach, referencing reliable sources, using expert jargon accurately, participating in technology communities, and aligning with common language and platforms. Adopting a Data-Driven Approach It is essential for providing content that meets […]

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The Importance of Value Proposition Creation for B2B Tech Companies

Explore the Power of Value Proposition Documentation - b2b-marketing

In the dynamic world of B2B technology, where innovation drives progress, a clearly defined value proposition is the cornerstone of all marketing and communication strategies. It’s more than just a statement; it’s a declaration of the unique benefits and transformative potential your solutions bring to the table. This critical piece of strategic messaging does the […]

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Content Marketing Glossary: Top 25 Things You Should Know

In content marketing, where the landscape is constantly changing, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest terminology and concepts. Whether you’re a seasoned content maestro or embarking on your marketing odyssey, unlock a treasure trove of knowledge with MWJ’s Content Marketing Glossary. Dive into the definitive guide, unraveling the 25 essential terms that […]

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Why B2B Tech Firms are Choosing Specialized Marketing Agencies

Empowering B2B Tech Growth: Specialized Marketing Strategies

In today’s competitive B2B tech industry, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. That’s why an increasing number of tech firms are turning to specialized marketing agencies to help them reach their target audience, drive leads, and ultimately grow their business. These specialized agencies understand the unique challenges and nuances of marketing […]

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The New Age B2B Marketing Playbook: A Makeover for Modern Times 🚀

The B2B marketing realm is undergoing a dramatic transformation. With 3rd party cookies becoming obsolete and privacy protection emerging as the standard, the landscape is shifting rapidly. As sales and marketing teams collaborate more than ever and original content becomes a cornerstone, the tectonic plates of B2B marketing are moving. At MWJ, we stand firm […]

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Highlighting Your Tech Partnerships: Why IT & Software Companies Should Showcase Their Ties with Top Industry Leaders

Alliance in Focus: The Strength of Tech Collaborations

Collaboration isn’t just a trendy term in the fast-paced world of IT and software; it’s essential to progress and innovation. Strategic alliances between a lot of tech companies and industry giants are common, from startups to established businesses. Consider a startup that is “cloud-native” and boasts of being integrated with AWS or a CRM system […]

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The Underrated Importance of Marketing for Tech/IT/Software Founders

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the tech/software industry, innovation and development often take center stage. Founders are engrossed in creating groundbreaking solutions, believing in the age-old adage: if the product is good, it will sell itself. However, this mindset, while optimistic, overlooks a crucial component of business success: effective marketing. In this article, we […]

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Before You Dive Into Performance Marketing: Are Your Fundamentals in Place?

In today’s competitive business landscape, the clamor for lead generation is deafening. Every software company, every B2B tech enterprise, is on the hunt for new sales and expansion opportunities. But is it as simple as just seeking out a performance marketing agency? The Misconception: Why Marketing Isn’t As Simple As It Seems If marketing were […]

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What to Look for When Choosing a Software Marketing Firm

software marketing agency

In the ever-evolving world of software, having the right marketing partner can spell the difference between stagnation and exponential growth. It’s more than just flashy advertisements and well-worded pitches; it’s about understanding the intricate details, challenges, and unique selling points of a software business. This guide will walk you through the critical factors to consider […]

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