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There are many different types of marketing that have proven to be successful over recent years but what is effective one year, might die a death the next, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and most effective marketing methods.

Content marketing is certainly not a new trend but changes in consumer behavior, advances in technology and updates to data privacy regulations, for example, can influence the effectiveness of a certain type of marketing.

Here are some statistics that add weight to the argument that you should be investing in content marketing over any other channels.

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing but generates 3x as many leads

Now that is a powerful stat and as marketers, we are constantly looking for the lowest cost method to generate the most leads. Traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, and media advertising are expensive and take a lot of time and effort to deliver compared to content marketing.

  • Over 200 million people use ad blockers

Let’s face it, most people find ads annoying and it is no surprise that a huge number of people have ad blocking software to stop them from being pestered with constant ads.

  • Content marketing leaders achieve 7.8x more traffic than the rest

Marketing guru Neil Patel shared his insights on how successful content marketing leaders are compared to their competitors. Developing compelling content that adds high value to the reader is priceless.

  • Content drives brand recall = increased engagement

Personalized content helps to make a consumer remember a brand, engaging with the company on a deeper level. According to an IBM Digital Experience Survey, 56% of marketing professionals believe that personalized content drives higher engagement rates.

  • 73% of major organizations hire a content marketing strategy manager/professional

More and more companies have now realized the value of hiring a content marketing expert, to ensure that they are prioritizing this type of marketing, as they now understand how profitable it is. This also allows the company to identify the best technology and platforms to use for the most effective types of content marketing.

  • For every $1 spent, email gives back $38 in ROI

According to CampaignMonitor, for every $1 that is spent on email marketing strategy, it is able to earn $38 back in ROI. By developing personalized and targeted emails, conversion rates are much higher than other channels.

  • 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing

The huge majority of B2B marketers invest in their content marketing, as a vital part of their marketing strategy. Content marketing also gives more sustainable value than other marketing options.

  • Many marketers will use over 13 content marketing tactics

Using the full range of content marketing tactics generates greater results than focusing on just one or two, which is evident by so many marketers choosing to deploy varied and diverse channels. These eight statistics really underline the importance of content marketing, how effective it can be and why marketers include it as the staple of their marketing strategies.

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