Social media is one of the most powerful ways to engage with other businesses but there are so many different strategies to choose from that sometimes it is hard knowing where to begin. Therefore, concentrating on a select number of strategies that are most effective in B2B social media marketing is better than taking the scattergun approach.

Here are four of the most effective ways to optimise your B2B social media marketing:

Share original content

If you have spent years creating marketing content then creating new content will usually come quite natural to you but for others, it can be tempting to use someone’s else’s content. The problem with this is that it will be generic content that does not relate to your business and social media users will be able to tell which content is original and which isn’t. So, spending time creating original content, or paying someone to take care of your social media for you, is going to be more effective than using someone else’s content.

Maintain consistency

It is also really important to remain consistent when you develop your social media strategy. Putting loads of content on one day and then nothing for weeks is not the best way to build up a social media following, so make sure that you schedule posts so that they are going out in consistent volumes. You don’t have to upload content each time, you can pre-set posts to go out on the dates you have scheduled them for, using a social media tool. You also need to be consistent in terms of the tone you are going to use, as your brand voice should not jump between formal and informal, for example.

Experiment with content and posting times

When you start posting content, don’t just stick with posting at a certain time, as you need to test out the time that you get more engagement. It might be that your target audience spends more time on social media at 9pm, for example, so try out some alternative days and times to see what gets the best in terms of engagement. You should also work out which type of content your followers like the most. You can try different content types like video, polls, questions etc. to again see what works the best. Content that people want to share will give you a bigger reach, so try to spend time creating high quality content that people find useful or worth sharing for another reason e.g. being humorous.

Engage in conversation

Just putting posts out there will not necessarily get people commenting and engaging with it, you have to angle your content so that it prompts people to respond. So, asking questions, running polls, responding to any comments will help to get people more engaged with your brand. Getting into a conversation will help you to build relationships with your social media followers and make your brand more memorable to them. There are plenty more great ways to engage with businesses through your social media strategy but if you can master these four as a starting point, you will be heading in the right direction.


As a business owner aiming to enhance your business through social media marketing, managing all your company’s social media profiles and updates can feel overwhelming. However, with the plethora of tools available today, you can easily find social media experts who can assist you in creating and maintaining your accounts. Outsourcing social media marketing allows you to save time and effort, enabling you to focus more on driving your business forward.

If you’re interested in learning how to successfully hire a digital marketing firm, particularly for social media marketing and management, read this great article for essential tips and common pitfalls to avoid. Our esteemed Growth Marketing Manager, İrem Altıparmak, has been featured in in this latest blog post, “Outsourcing Social Media Management Guide.”

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